General Information

Healthcare System in Turkey

Healthcare System in Turkey. Turkey offers high-quality health services. The statutory provision in the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey clarifies; "Everyone has the right for social security”, which provides access to health services for all citizens. Both public and private health services are easily accessible and affordable. The revolutionary steps in recent years have led Turkey’s...

Power of Attorney when Buying Property in Turkey

Power Of Attorney (shortly POA) is a commonly used instrument to avoid the necessary but time-consuming travels for the title deed conveyance processes when you buy a property in Turkey. When you hand POA to someone, you are effectively saying by law "You may act on behalf of me for these powers"

How to buy a property in Turkey?

When it comes to real estate buying, Turkey is easy to buy in and Celia Homes will help you through the entire buying process. Once you have signed a Tapu (legal registration), the matter will be sent to the authorities where they will approve your property purchase.

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