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In line with our high-quality policy that was established through our mission, vision, and core values, we also believe in the enormous importance of customer satisfaction created by our products and services.

In order to provide you with the best possible service, we at Celia Homes have strengthened our commitment to customer satisfaction through comprehensive strategies and efforts that aim to improve customer relations processes.

Our service for you!

We offer you a special kind of service. With us you are in safe hands. Enjoy your precious time. Whatever you need we will take care of it for you.

At the first of all we are not just for real estate agent, we are also the construction co. so we have staff for inside decorations also. We have workshops to make decoration and furniture also. So if our customers want to decorate their investments also we can give this service to them. We give some information about our service on this page.....

Our Services Include

Are you looking for extra help?

You would like to know your real estate is being cared for and in good hands during your absence. If you wish we will gladly take over the administration of your property. We can inspect your real estate at regular intervals and inform you immediately about possibly unscheduled occurrences. After consultation with you, we maybe able to rectify any problems on your behalf.
Technical service
You are looking for the "man for all cases"? Who can at an acceptable price work reliably and professionally; You can depend on your Celia Homes team to be with you at your side. We can offer you a technical service of all kinds to you, alterations, renovation, decorating work etc.. and with contacts that are professional in the work they do.
Your Celia Homes Team will stand by you and advice you on daily matters like medical help and insurance. We will send you to the right places. We will advice you in all tax and other general matters. The Celia Homes Team will take time to listen to you and your questions.
Official Documentation
Your Celia Homes team will not leave you when the time comes to complete any official documentation that you may require. We help you with the necessary official completions that you require such as residence permit, work permit and electricity and water registrations also the requesting of a telephone connection as required.

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