The procedure for purchasing real estate in Turkey

Buying property in Turkey is not difficult at all. This procedure is as simple as possible, fast and at the same time reliable. With the experience of Celia Homes we can confidently say that you will be pleasantly surprised.
Stages of the procedure for a standard real estate transaction

1. Choosing a property (Apartments in Turkey, Villas in Turkey, commercial property in Alanya);

2. Conclusion of a sales contract
The signing of the sales contract by the parties (or their authorized representatives). It contains information about the participants in the transaction, the property, the terms and conditions of payment for the transaction, the obligations of the parties. To sign the contract, the buyer only needs a passport (or a power of attorney to the buyer’s representative). The contract must be drawn up in duplicate and in several languages: Russian (or another language of the buyer’s country) and Turkish / English.

3. Obtaining a tax number
Individual taxpayer number (assigned in Alanya within 20 minutes).

4. Opening a bank account.
You will need a bank account in Turkey in the future to pay for utilities. More about the procedure for opening a bank account in Turkey.

5. Payment for real estate
You can pay for real estate in Turkey in any currency (€, $, TL).
This must be specified in the contract, the payment schedule is also indicated there. At the time of receiving the TAPU, the property must be fully paid.

6. Transfer of ownership to TAPU.
The issuance of the TAPU (title deed) takes place in the presence of a state translator at the Cadastral Office. Upon receipt of the TAPU, the buyer pays a one-time tax on the purchase of real estate, which is 4% of the cadastral assessed value of the property declared in Tapu (which is usually below the market value of the property).

As a rule, the term for receiving TAPU is up to 2-3 days from the moment the seller submits an application to the Cadastral Office. After that, the buyer becomes the full owner of the property in Turkey.

The final stage of the transaction is the registration of a subscriber bill for electricity and water.

Power of attorney (optional)

If necessary and if desired, you can make your real estate agent or your representative your trustee. The process of issuing a power of attorney takes place in a state notary office in the presence of a state (notarized) translator. The power of attorney only authorizes the procedures necessary to complete the purchase of real estate, as well as to obtain a subscription for electricity, water and property insurance.

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