How to buy a property in Turkey?

How to buy a property in Turkey?

When it comes to real estate buying, Turkey is easy to buy in and Celia Homes will help you through the entire buying process. Once you have signed a Tapu (legal registration), the matter will be sent to the authorities where they will approve your property purchase. For this you need your ID card or PASS, 4 photographs and your father’s and mother’s name. If you do not master the language, we have an interpreter who translates.


Since 2003, foreign citizens have been allowed to buy housing in places outside the tourist resorts, but special regulations from the Central Administration must be obeyed. Inside the lands of the Turkish military base, it is still forbidden for foreigners to buy real estate.

Registration to Tapu (legal registration)

Application for purchase. This is what you as a buyer need:

• 2 Photographs
• 2 Copies of your ID card / PASSPORT
• Your home address in your country and your parents’ and mother’s name
• Turkish Social Security Number (Which we help you with.)


• 1 Photography
• 2 Copies of ID card / PASS
• Address of the company or owner
• Social security number

… Then the authorized translator will explain to you where the property is located and what characterizes it. (Villa, Apartment, 4th floor, etc.) Then you will get the original Tapun (law enforcement) in your hand. If you want it can be translated into English, we have a translator at the company. You will be able to read all the expenses in the list below.

Annual tax

Building 0.2 / cent for the currency denominated in tapun
• House 0.1 / cent for the currency written in tapun
Land area 0.3 / cent for the currency denominated in tapun
Land area outside the village limits 0.1 / cent for the currency written in tapun


• Tax for the purchased property. 0.3 / cent for the currency denominated in tapun
• 41.- € municipal expenses
• 55. € Machine expenses to the authorities
• 50. € Translators at the authorities
• 30. € Application for permission to purchase
• € 12. Sopor

Electricity, water, telephone, service

• Electricity
130 € for registration of electricity in the apartment
0.11 – 0.17 € kw / h up to 150 kw / h- more than 150 w / h
• Water
190 € for registration of water in the apartment
0.31 / 0.47 / 0.87 per m3 up to 20 m3 / 21 to 40m3 / 41m3 up
0.47 every month
• Telephone
7.75 € for registration by phone
0.04 € per unit
€ 8.88 every month

Celia Homes Real Estate customer service

• 50.- € Cleaning one day
• 70.- € One-way pick-up from Antalya airport
• 450.- € Administration of the house
• 200.- € Administration of apartment

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