How to open a Turkish bank account

Even a non-resident of the country who does not have a residence permit (residence permit) or citizenship can open a bank account in a bank in Turkey. The procedure is very simple: you must have the documents listed below to come to any bank branch and a bank employee will open accounts for you (dollar, euro, lira) in 5-10 minutes and issue a plastic card.

Package of documents for opening an account in a Turkish bank:

  • tax number;

Any foreigner can obtain a tax number by contacting the local tax office

management (Vergi Dairesi Müdürlüğü). To do this, it is enough to have your passport and its photocopy with you. If there is no queue, it takes no more than 5-10 minutes to issue a number.

  • original passport with a stamp on entry to Turkey;
  • original internal passport with registration. Some banks require notarized translation of passport pages with personal information and
  • registration stamp (to confirm the address, if you do not have a residence permit)
  • document confirming your address in Turkey (if you have a residence permit)

The bank employee fills out all the necessary documents, which after

must be signed. In this case, the current account number is assigned immediately, and

a plastic card is issued for 7-10 working days, if the card is personalized. The unnamed card is issued immediately.

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