Alanya Information

Historical Places

Alanya Castle Alanya Castle, whose ramparts are about 6.5 kilometers long, is on the peninsula 250 meter high above the sea. The settlement on Alanya peninsula, which is also known as "Kandeleri", not only dates back to hellenistic era but also reflects the 13. century as a Seljukian site. The castle was built by Seljukian Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat, who reconstructed Alanya when he conquered it in 1221....

Discover Alanya

Alanya offers a variety of options to those who want to spend their holidays here with its thousands years old history, Mediterranean and Anatolian mixture of culture and architecture. Besides having unique coasts more than 100 kilometres, the town satisfies those who are interested in history and fascinates nature-lovers. Sapadere Canyon deserves exclusive care from those who prefer irreplaceable plateaus...

Alanya History

Alanya was located on the land of a little peninsula, on the north of whose there lied Toros Mt. and on the south there was Mediterranean Sea. Due to its location between Pamphylia and Cilicia the city was called both Pamphylia and Cilicia in the ancient age. Some skeletal and fossil remains found in two villages, Bademaðacý and Oba, located on the northeast of county seat, prove the fact that Alanya’s...

Geographical & Climate

Geographical Position and Topography Alanya is located on 36°33' northern latitude and 31.01° eastern meridian. It's acreage measures 2.085 km². Alanya is located in Mediterranean region within the borders of a province called Antalya. On its east there is Alanya Bay that has the same name. There are Meditarrenean Sea on its south, Gazipasa on its east, Manavgat on its west and Toros Mt. on its north....

About Alanya

Alanya is a holiday resort located on the south coasts of Turkey with its popular and still-breathing ancient history. The city’s unique, natural and blue flagged beaches lie along the south shores. The summer passes by quite hot, leaving no decent rain while the winter is warm and rainy in this city, where you can feel the Mediterranean climate’s soft touch on your skin.

How to get here

Alanya, 120 kilometers away from its province's center(Antalya), has all the advantages of having Mediterranean shores. It is possible to go Alanya through air, land and sea ways.

Modern Alanya

Alanya Municipality was founded in 1872. Ahmet Asim Bey, the first mayor, began his duty in 1901. Since then Alanya Municipality has always developed day by day and worked for the welfare of public. With the arrival of German tourists in the 60's, Alanya hosted its first tourists. In the following years, firstly there showed up b&bs, then did motels and hotels. Doing agriculture and tourism...

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