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Title deed or Tapu, as it is called in Turkish, is an official registration of an acquisition of real estate and it is the only proof that you are the owner of the property you are buying. At Tapun you will find details such as the address, the date on which the confirmation for Tapun was made, who is the buyer, who is the seller, and details of the share of the property included in the purchase of real estate in Turkey. What matters is what’s in the cadastre. In the case of a lost Tapu, you can always get a new one, of the Tapu-office, where you have it from the beginning.


2 Pieces Of Passport Photos
2 Copies Of Your Passport
Address and your father’s name
Your Tax Number

If you do not speak Turkish, then it is a prerequisite that an authorized interpreter who speaks the same language

When you transfer Tapun, it is legal that the payment is shared between the buyer and the seller. The buyer then pays 2% and the seller pays 2%. Unless otherwise specified in the agreement in the contract, confirmation of who will pay this tax.

There are two different types of Tapu in Turkey, Kat irtifaki and Kat mülkiyeti. Kat irtifaki is the purchase of a property under construction and Kat mülkiyeti is the purchase of a finished property.

The entire Tapu process was turned from us, Celia Homes.