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С Нами Вы в уверенных руках. Насладитесь Вашим ценным временем.


С Нами Вы в уверенных руках. Насладитесь Вашим ценным временем.
Всё то что вам нужно, мы стоим к вашим услугам. Мы предлагаем Вам специальный вид службы.

Домашний сервис
Наш домашний сервис.
Желаете ли Вы профессиональное управление Вашего объекта благодаря нам?
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Дизайн и Строительство
У вас, дорогие покупатели, появилась возможность воспользоваться услугами нашего дизайн и строительного сервиса.
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Дизайн Вашего Дома
В чем Вы нуждаетесь, чтобы чувствовать себя как рыба в воде в Вашей идеальной недвижимости?

Где найти самую прекрасную мебель, самые личные аксессуары по солидным ценам? Мы знаем компетентных продавцов – от буфета вплоть до зубной щетки – и мы охотно сопровождаем Вас.

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Реконструкция Вашего Дома
Реставрация (от латинского слова renovare, «обновить», «восстановление») означает восстановление технического состояния здания или дома до нового.

Этот термин также используется в смысле повышения качества, очистки и уборки.

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Процедура покупки недвижимости в Турции.

Процесс приобретения недвижимости в Турции гражданами РФ
Если вы решили приобрести недвижимость в Турции, то начните с ознакомительной поездки в эту страну.

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Наши услуги включают


Each client is carefully advised on the current trends in Turkish property whether they are buying for investment, rental or owner occupation. The current client base includes developers, owners, tenants, investors and corporate property managers.

The same careful attention is offered to each client to ensure satisfaction whether it is an apartment purchase or a large development.

Перед покупкой

Airport transfer
Accommodation in either hotel or apartment
Information meeting concerning properties for sale in Alanya
Viewing service

Во время покупки

Arranging bank account and tax numbers
Contracts between seller and buyer at public Notary Office with the legal translate
Registering contracts and applying to the military for sales permission at the dead office.
Exchanging'' contracts'' and obtaining the deeds.

Уход за выздоравливающим

After care service is only available for all clients who purchase a home with Celia Homes
In your absence payment arranged for your electric, water and Phone bills, etc.
Information concerning the tax procedures.
Guidance in buying furniture for your new home.
Help finding qualified plumbers, electricians, painters, etc.
Obtaining residence permit/ visa from police station.
Renting or buying your own car.
Insuring your property or car.
Informing you of local hospitals, doctors, dentists and opticians.
Regular e-mail updates on activities, sports, meetings, local groups and news.
Organize the purchase of a satellite dish and tuning in to channels of your choice.

Мебель Обслуживание

If you want to buy some furniture or white goods to yout property also we can order to some models or design to best quality and best companies. Also we have some agrements to companies so we can also help to this subjct buy and carring too.

We have workshops and staff about this subject and our staffs are mater about their branch. They must be like that because we give guarantee all works which ones are made by us. We have special collections but if you want we can design by speacial just for you also of course. If you have some plans about your furniture also we can design and will make also.

The subject is not important for us out door or in door funitures, chairs,tables living room suits. special cupbords etc. we can design for your dreams....

(English) Technical service

(English) You are looking for the "man for all cases"?
Who can at an acceptable price work reliably and professionally; You can depend on your Celia Homes team to be with you at your side. We can offer you a technical service of all kinds to you, alterations, renovation, decorating work etc.. and with contacts that are professional in the work they do.

(English) Information

(English) Your Celia Homes Team will stand by you and advice you on daily matters like medical help and insurance. We will send you to the right places. We will advice you in all tax and other general matters. The Celia Homes Team will take time to listen to you and your questions.

(English) Official Documentation

(English) Your Celia Homes team will not leave you when the time comes to complete any official documentation that you may require. We help you with the necessary official completions that you require such as residence permit, work permit and electricity and water registrations also the requesting of a telephone connection as required.